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Roma-Rome-view-Tevere Black and white, View, Fine-art, Roma, Rome, Tevere, Tiber, Photo Black and white, View, Fine-art, Roma, Rome, Tevere, Tiber, Photo Black and white, View, Fine-art, Roma, Rome, Tevere, Tiber, Photo Black and white, View, Fine-art, Roma, Rome, Tevere, Tiber, Photo

Black and white, View, Fine-art, Roma, Rome, Tevere, Tiber, Photo



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Street photography in Gallipoli - Italy https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2015/9/street-photography-in-gallipoli-Italy This summer, I had the opportunity to visit Gallipoli, a beautiful tiny town in South Italy, stretched over the Ionian sea. The old town is on a small island connected to the mainland by an ancient bridge, where the time seems to have stood still.

I really enjoyed walking through the alleys and taking pictures there. I think is a great place for street photography, but even for fine art and architectural photography.

Puglia - 2015Puglia - 2015

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Easter procession in Sicily https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2014/4/easter-procession-in-sicily
In Palermo the most spectacular day during Easter is Friday, celebrated with processions and various rituals. I took these pictures while the traditional procession at "Borgo Vecchio".










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A bit of miracle https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2014/3/a-bit-of-miracle A bit of miracle

March 2013, St. Peter's Square in Rome, it is ongoing the conclave for the election of the new pope. It's raining since early afternoon and the square is full of people. There is any sort of pilgrims kneeling, others barefoot, groups from all over the world, flags and banners around.

Everybody is waiting for the white smoke which is the signal communicating in the outside world the election of the new Pope.

I walk up and down the square several times with my camera when I see the clear face of this young nun emerging from the dark umbrellas . An interesting scene but I have to shoot from the height above my head to compose the scene as I would. So I raise up my camera above my head with one hand and I bend the swivel screen of my Olympus OMD just enough to be able to see the scene through it, but with the vertical framing it is not easy. The nun stands still enough and the umbrellas too, so I can make four shots trying to adjust each one in a slightly different angle, to get at least a decent shot. One is fine and it is well centered, a little miracle in St. Peter’s square. Soon after it comes the white smoke of the election of the new Pope Francesco.

Roma - Piazza San Pietro - 2013Roma - Piazza San Pietro - 2013

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Cats of Rome https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2014/3/cats-of-rome  In Rome, it is not so difficult to come in stray cats, often settling in small colonies near the archeological sites such as Piazza Argentina. Here they can also find shelter and protection of so-called "gattare", old ladies who take care of them.

It is not easy to photograph cats, they usually run away when you spot towards them a dark and ominous camera.

So when I saw this cat in an alley, I said without conviction, "let's try!" He's been standing there and he has allowed me to be closer and shoot without escaping. However there were other cats on his right hided in a hole of the wall so I thought he was interested in something else, or simply there was a cute kitten that distracted him.






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Snow on Tiberina island https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2014/2/snow-on-tiberina-island Snow on Tiberina island

A glimpse of the Tiberina island during the snowfall of 2012. It rarely snows in Rome and the last big snowfall was in 1986. I could not miss the opportunity to see the whitewashed town, the snow makes everything pure and creates the right atmosphere to take some beautiful pictures, a bit like the fog. After a long day through the city, on the way back, while I was crossing the Palatino bridge, I saw the Tiberina Island covered by the snow and the human figures that stood out from that white: at that point it was easy to take the picture.

Roma - Isola Tiberina - 2012Roma - Isola Tiberina - 2012

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In a museum likewise https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2014/1/in-a-museum-likewise Spring 2013, via Tomacelli, just near the corner with via del Corso. It is about to be opened a new Benetton store and there are several windows obscured by large billboards. My gaze is attracted by these large model figures that overstand out on the people passing by. A couple stopped just at the right point without covering the model. United under the umbrella, they seemed admiring an artwork such as they were done up, I just have had the shot.  In a museum


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The light cone https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2014/1/the-light-cone It’s  July, around noon, I’m inside the Pantheon and I noticed that the sun, flashing by the dome aperture (the so-called Oculus diameter of 8,2 m) draws a perfect cone of light with a great contrast with the internal shades of the building. I went to this interior several times, but only in this period of time there is a such amazing effect. I put the wide angle on my camera quite enough to catch the light cone, I stood at the edge of the circle. There were crowds, everyone noticed the light effect, there was who stopped by, who took a pose for a snapshot, so I had to wait quite a long before my shooting, trying to avoid the confusion.


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Among the ancient columns https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2013/12/among-the-ancient-columns I took this shot at the Pantheon early in the morning, shortly before 8 a.m., the only way to find the square empty. I put myself behind the monument columns with my wide - angle lens waiting for an interesting shot. A few minutes later, two tourists cross the scene right in the middle of the columns and I took the picture. Their silhouettes allow us to understand well the size of the Roman columns 14 meters high.

Roma - Pantheon - 2011Roma - Pantheon - 2011

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Rain in Rome - Pioggia a Roma https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2013/9/rain-in-rome A series of images taken during rainy days in Rome, from Colosseo to st. Peter's Square, from Ponte Sisto to Campidoglio. I love shooting when it rains, the light is perfect for black and white pictures, the streets and the cobblestones are shiny,  the shadows reveal the details and umbrellas are so fascinating elements.










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Rome, Tiburtina Station - Roma, la Stazione Tiburtina https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2013/3/tiburtina-station A series of pictures taken in the new Tiburtina Railway station, the second largest in Rome, which has been recently renewed. The project is by the architect Paolo Desideri and is based on the concept of a bridge station in which two main entrance halls are joined by a great glass gallery suspended at an elevation of 21 meters above the railway tracks.











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The Protestant Cemetery in Rome https://www.enzodemartino.com/blog/2012/11/the-protestant-cemetery-rome The Protestant Cemetery in Rome, also known as "Non Catholic Cemetery" or Englishmen's Cemetery, is located near the Pyramid of Cestius (a funerary monument built about 30 BC as a tomb for Caius Cestius) and it is partly surrounded by the ancient Aurelian walls. The cemetery contains the graves of famous personalities such as the English poets John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley, the American poet Gregory Corso, Goethe's only son and Antonio Gramsci.


The  Protestant Cemetery



The "Piramide Cestia"


John Keats' gravestone

His epitaph includes the words:"Here lies one whose name was writ in water",


Gregory Corso's Grave









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